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Cotton Candy Machine Rental Madison, WI

Make your next party or event in the Madison, WI area magical.

  • 23 hours
  • Starting at $60
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Contact us with any questions Message me directly if the calendar shows your desired date to be booked. We may have availability that the calendar is not showing. This machine is best for smaller crowds, making single cones, or changing flavors between cones. Our rentals are for a 24-hour period. How to Use a Cotton Candy Machine Rental Setup: Choose a stable, level surface in a well-ventilated area near a dedicated electrical outlet to set up your cotton candy machine. After plugging in and making sure the bowl is attached with all four brackets, turn both switches to the on position. After waiting 5-6 minutes for the machine to heat up, pour a single scoop of floss sugar into the center, hold your cone over the hole and start twisting. After the cotton candy stops you can repeat with the next scoop/cone. Sugar build up around the bowl is normal. This machine can run continuously. Cleanup: Once you’ve finished, leave the heat on for a minute or two to melt any remaining sugar in the floss head. Then turn off the heat and run for an additional 3-5 minutes to cool down before turning the machine off. Unplug the cotton candy machine rental. You can rinse the bowl with water to remove the sugar. We will take care of any further cleaning. How Much Sugar Do You Need to Serve Cotton Candy? It takes about 1/2 to 1 ounce of sugar to make one serving or one cotton candy cone. A 1/2 gallon carton of regular floss sugar makes 60-70 servings, depending on how big you make the cones. How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Cotton Candy Machine? Cotton candy machine rentals start at $60/day. This is the rental charge for the machine only. Delivery, table, bubble top to prevent mess, cones, floss sugar, backdrops, and accessories are extra. Bubble top rental is $10. Cones are available for 10 cents/cone. Bags $15/sleeve of 100 Cotton Candy Flossugar for $15/carton with several flavors to choose from. Delivery and pickup within a 10-mile radius of 313 W. Beltline Hwy Madison, WI, are available for an additional fee of $20 each way. Pickup is by appointment at the above address or on the West side of Madison near Mineral Point Rd and the Beltline. Book 2 or more of our rentals for a discount.

Cancellation Policy

Reservations & Cancellation Policy WHY do we have a Cancellation Policy? When equipment is reserved, it is taken out of inventory so no one else can reserve it for those specific days. Some equipment is taken out additional days to accommodate for additional preparation time. Cancellation fees help cover both incurred costs and potential loss of business because equipment was unavailable to rent to other Customers. Reservations, Deposit, & Identification We require a valid government issued Drivers License identification & a NON REFUNDABLE CREDIT CARD deposit (a Debit Card IS NOT A CREDIT CARD & a Gift Card IS NOT A CREDIT CARD – just because it says VISA or Mastercard does NOT make it a Credit Card) on all rentals and reservations, unless there’s a pre-existing charge account. Form of payment and ID MUST MATCH. Minimum age is 18 years old. Out of State ID’s may require additional sources of ID. Reservations should be placed as early as possible. All rentals are reserved on a first come first serve basis. Only on rental return will we accept Debit Cards and Gift Cards as payment. NO CHECKS. Reservations made 30 days (1 month or more) prior to Rental Date Out require a minimum of 25% paid in advance. Reservations made 8 to 29 days (1-4 weeks) prior to Rental Date Out require 50% of rental fee paid in advance. Reservations made less than 7 days (1 week) prior to Rental Date Out require 90% paid in advance. WHY WE REQUIRE A CREDIT CARD & What’s the difference between a Credit Card & Debit Card? A Credit Card allows you to BORROW money to make purchases, adding to a pre-approved limit you pay back with interest, creating a Line of Credit. A Debit Card takes money from account with funds already available in your bank account (you can ONLY spend what you have available). If you do not have a CREDIT CARD at time of rental, we will accept a significant CASH Deposit (which is up to 20 times the cost of rental or 75% of the replacement cost). In return we allow you to rent equipment valued at more than what we charge to rent it. Having a Deposit is your incentive to take care of the equipment appropriately & return it before it is due back. We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express CREDIT CARDS. Cancellation Policy (Cancelling any individual item or entire reservation) Cancellations made 30 days (1 month or more) prior to Rental Date Out will be charged 25% of rental fee as a Cancellation Fee. Cancellations made 8 to 29 days (1-4 weeks) prior to Rental Date Out will be charged 50% of rental fee. Cancellations made less than 7 days (1 week) prior to Rental Date Out will be charged 90% of rental fee Special items ordered or sub-rented on customers behalf will be charged 100% (cannot be cancelled) Changes To Order REDUCTIONS to Reservations will incur Cancellation Fees listed above. Small (10%) reductions to quantities of items such as cotton candy sugar, cones, etc. ADDITIONS to Reservations can be made (depending on availability) up to time equipment is loaded. Reservations being delivered are normally loaded 24 hours in advance of Rental Date Out. If additions are made after vehicle has left the lot, an additional ½ delivery fee will be charged (additional deliveries are not guaranteed to be available). If customer comes to get additional equipment – we will pick up the new equipment when we pickup what was previously delivered.

Contact Details

311 West Beltline Highway, Madison, WI, USA

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