Meet The Team

It's a family business



Lily is currently a 9-year-old third grader who looooooves cotton candy!  She is also the founder of Lily's Magical Treats.  When she's not helping out with the cotton candy, she likes to cook and bake, knit, draw and write stories, and play with her cousins 


Doer of All the Things

Otherwise known as Lily's mom, she helps with all the things Lily's Magical Treats needs help with.  While Lily has the last word on most creative developments, Tiffany makes it all happen.


Quality Assurance

World's best little brother and official taste tester of all new cotton candy flavors.  His favorite things to do include building with Magnatiles and legos, and playing with his cousins..


Merchandise Buyer

AKA Lily's dad, he's super supportive of Lily and her dream, and also helps out where needed.