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Meet The Team

It's a family business


Boss Baby


Lily is now an 11-year-old fifth-grader who looooooves cotton candy!  She is also the founder of Lily's Magical Treats.  When she's not helping out with the business, she likes to cook and bake, wrestle, knit, draw and write stories, and play with her friends., and absolutely loves animals.  Lily has more and more responsibility within the business as she gets older!  When she's not in school, she loves helping out at markets and events where you'll find her making cotton candy or snow cones and running the register..



Boss Mama


Otherwise known as Lily's mom, she helps with all the things Lily's Magical Treats needs help with.  Though Lily was the brainchild of Lily's Magical Treats, Tiffany has taken the idea and run with it, making Lily's idea a successful family business!  Over the past 4 years, Tiffany has added many different treats to the lineup.  Until Lily gets a bit older, Tiffany is in charge of most of the day-to-day operations, including making all of the treats in a certified kitchen, shipping products, manning the booth at markets and events, spinning or running machines at catered events, and social media.  


Quality Assurance


World's best little brother, first grader,  and official taste tester of all-new cotton candy flavors and treats.  His favorite things to do include building with Legos, playing Minecraft and Roblox, and playing with his cousins and friends.


Awesome Helper

AKA Lily and Duncan's dad, he's super supportive of Lily and her dream and also helps out where needed (which sometimes ends up being a lot of things, he's the best!).

Lily's first time using our first cotton candy machine, approximately 2 minutes after taking it out of the box

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