Basil Cotton Candy

Basil Cotton Candy


Basil Cotton Candy.

Try some in your strawberry lemonade for a truly summery experience!

Fun Facts: Though it’s an Italian favourite, basil actually originated in India over 4,000 years ago. From India and southeast Asia, it travelled westwards along the spice route, making its way to Persia, the Middle East and eventually Europe.


In ancient Greece, basil was so revered that they forbade it to be harvested with anything other than gold or silver. 

As always, we only use organic sugar and natural flavors and colors. Nothing artificial here!

  • Best enjoyed immediately

    While the taste won't change, cotton candy begins to settle if you don't eat it in a timely manner.  Once the box is opened, make sure to finish it off because moisture in the air and cotton candy don't mix well!