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Custom Lollipops

Our lollipops can be customized endlessly!  From simple to over-the-top elegant, we can meet your needs for a candy that's unforgettable!  We can customize the size, shape, colors, and flavors.  We can either use organic cane sugar or for crystal clear sugar-free lollipops, isomalt.  We can add sprinkles, create a signature cocktail flavored lollipop, add edible images, logos, phrases, or patterns.  We can even add edible 24k gold leaf, blinged-out lollipop sticks, or bows to finish off the perfect look. 

Pricing starts at $1.50 for a 1.5 inch round basic lollipop with a minimum order of 15 or 2 inch rounds at $2 each with a minimum of 10. 

Looking to carry in your store or business?  We offer a wholesale discount!

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