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Cotton Candy Shimmer Bombs

Cotton Candy Shimmer Bombs


Photos just do not do these justice! Truly dazzling sparkles! Pop one of these shimmer bombs into your favorite alcoholic or nonalcoholic beverage, preferably a clear and sparkling one, to get the full effect and watch the magic happen.

Our shimmer bombs are perfect for weddings, showers, birthdays, or just classing up your cocktail any night of the week!


We have a number of packaging options available at different price points, perfect for your event theme.  See them here. Gold, silver, black, pink, and light blue are the available colors in the dome-shaped boxes. The mini bomb straw toppers are smaller puffs made with less sugar and topping straws in the color of your choice.  They pair perfectly with a mini bottle of champagne or a soda. 

We have a number of shimmer colors available as well. Message us to customize your shimmer bombs, or let us choose!

These, just like all of our products, are 100% all-natural. No artificial colors or flavors are added; however, we can customize with any color you choose using FDA-approved colors.  The shimmer powder is an FDA-approved and food-safe all-natural mica-based pearlescent powder. Choose from one of our over 100 flavors here, or let us choose one of our most popular flavors for you.

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