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Lychee Cotton Candy

Lychee Cotton Candy


Lychee Cotton Candy.

If you've never tried a lychee, I highly recommend going out and trying some!  A lychee seed looks like a large dried out strawberry. It has a hard outer shell that you peel off and the inside is a soft white fruit with a pit in the middle. Lychees have a texture similar to grapes and a sweet flavor of citrus with a hint of rose water.  Lychees are so tasty, but it can be a chore to peel them.  No peeling involved with our lychee cotton candy! Just open the box and eat!

As always, we only use organic sugar and natural flavors and colors. Nothing artificial here!

  • Best enjoyed immediately

    While the taste won't change, cotton candy begins to settle if you don't eat it in a timely manner.  Once the box is opened, make sure to finish it off because moisture in the air and cotton candy don't mix well!

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